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Puppers Beer: The Official Beer of Letterkenny.

Letterkenny is an award-winning comedy series on Crave TV, and now, Netflix in the United States. Stack Brewing in Sudbury, Ontario (Canada) is the microbrewery that brews Puppers Premium Lager. Puppers is a golden lager (like the golden retriever it is based on) that is 4% ABV (and 11 IBU).

With a satisfying taste, Puppers Beer is an easy drinking, highly quaffable light lager that is (unfortunately) on a limited release from Stack Brewing. According to Stack Brewing, Puppers is, "a 4% premium lager, it’s everything you could want in a beer. This golden lager has a satisfying taste that will get along with anyone. It’s a faithful friend that will always be by your side. Pure. Loyal. Golden."

Puppers is the ideal beer for drinking while your mixing up a batch of BLTs. (Hint, if you're going to do that, you're going to want a bacon press.) It's also a great companion to any debate involving which pro sports team has the most championships. Sorry, 'ships.

Puppers Beer in the TV Show Letterkenny

Puppers Beer serves as the de facto "craft beer" of the town of Letterkenny in the tv show. The hicks, hockey players, and maybe even some of the skids get consume this light lager in seemingly endless quantities. Most of the Puppers consumption happens in one of two places.

  1. - Wayne's property (the house or the laneway)
  2. - Modean's 1, 2, or 3. Modean's is the bar that Gail owns.

Between Wayne, Squirrely Dan (played by K. Trevor Wilson), Katie, and Daryl, someone is always drinking a Puppers. Toss in Reilly & Jonesy, Bonnie McMurray, and the handful of miscreants that frequent Modean's, and you'd think the entire show was about drinking this one bready lager.

Stack Brewing, or, Where do I buy Puppers Beer?

In the real world, Puppers Premium Lager is brewed by Stack Brewing, a microbrewery a few hours north of Toronto in Ontario, CA. Stack Brewing brews a variety of award-winning beers in several different styles. As for Puppers Beer, it is a limited release that can be purchased directly from the brewery itself, or, from the LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario). This makes Puppers fairly hard to acquire in Canada, nevermind the United States.

Puppers Beer T-Shirts

Show off your love for the hicks, hockey players, and skids of the town of Letterkenny by sporting a Puppers Premium T-Shirt. It's way better than your 1980's D.A.R.E. shirt, though not quite as retro. Squirrely Dan would appreciates you wearing one, and you don't want to disappoint LK's finest.

Puppers Beer FAQs

Here are some answers to some of the important questions that need answerings around the Puppers. Allegedllys.

When was Puppers Beer made?

According to fans of the show, Letterkenny, Puppers Beer was made in 2017. The show shows Wayne & Daryl slamming bottle after bottle of the beer, but that's not exactly how it was made for consumer consumption. Stack Brewing canned Puppers into 473ml aluminum cans (16oz for you Americans).

On the show, Puppers was introduced in Seasons 2.

Where can I buy Puppers Beer in Canada?

The LCBO sells Puppers Beer, when it's available. Stack Brewing, the official brewer of Puppers Premium Lager, does the same. You may have to drive to Sudbury, Ontario to acquire Puppers, but trust us, it's worth it.

Where can I buy Puppers Beer in the USA?

There were rumors of Puppers Beer being available in Michigan. This makes a ton of sense as Michigan is a state that shares a border with Ontario, CA. And who doesn't like imported beer?

What does it say on the back of the Puppers Beer can?

"People, persons, peasants, pheasants. We proudly present a palate pleasing potion for pals parched proper. Partner the whole population'll be pilin' up to partake promptly… so pitter-patter, partner. Who's a good beer?"

What is a Pupper?

In short, a pupper is a faithful friend. It is a dog who rides shotgun in your truck. One who stays by your side during hours and hours of choring. One who doesn't judge your feats of strength and bravado in the laneway as you try to prove you're the toughest guy in Letterkenny.

Pupper, or Puppers, is a term in [DoggoLingo]( Our hockey player brains can't quite comprehend this (made up) internet language, so we just go along with it. Then again, when someone asks, "Who's a good boy?" ... we tend to respond enthusiastically.

What does Puppers smell and taste like?

Puppers has an ever so slightly lemon/citrus taste with an ever slighter bitterness. Nothing too distracting, as you'll find yourself consuming this premium beer riiiiiiight before you head out to the driveway to prove that you are the toughest guy (or girl) in your small town.

As for taste, a bit of hay, if we're being honest. This makes sense. What else would a beer built for chorin' smell like? If you disagree, then you can get off the cross, because we need the wood. The mouthfeel is light, with minimal aftertaste. The drinkability is super high ... it's a light lager. The pour is a fairly standard light straw color with a small, but appropriate amount of head.

Overall, we'd say it tastes like a victory lap from beating down degens from up North, or tossing knuckles with Sled Ted & Jb out in the laneway.

What's next for Puppers Beer

The fact that Jared Keeso and Jacob Tierney came up with such a hilariously branded beer for their show is just fantastic. Despite its limited release, Puppers truly is a faithful friend on a long, cold Canadian winter night. Especially in Ontario.

So, if you can get your hands on it, honor Wayne, Darry, Katie-Kat and Squirrely Dan by banging down a few of these cold, Canadian-brewed beers. It's pretty amazing. Allegedlys.

Please, Stack Brewing, brew Puppers Beer again!