Play/drink responsibly. If that means using water, use water.

The Rules of the Drunk Uno Drinking Game

Uno is that childhood game you were first introduced to when you refused to sleep on vacation and walked downstairs to find your Aunt screaming, “DRAW FOUR!” to your Uncle around 10:45pm. The thing is, it was “Drunk” Uno then, you just didn’t know.

A classic card game, Uno is more Go Fish in a way than Poker. This is due to the matching and the skid cards (because you go again if it’s a game of two and get your wish).

We like playing the Drunk Uno game because it’s less noisy and tippable than a game like Drunk Jenga. It’s also far less messy than Beer Pong. We also like the single pile nature of the growing deck of Uno cards, because, and we’re back to tippable, it’s easier to prevent them being ruined during board game night.