Play/drink responsibly. If that means using water, use water.

The Rules of the Edward 40 Hands Drinking Game

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40s forever! Edward 40 Hands is a power hour essentially, as it's one of the greatest races against the clock that humanity possesses.

Equipment Needed


You're also going to need one more person than players playing the game. Why one more person? Unless someone is a magician, there will need to be one last person to do the duct taping of the hands. Don't know about you, but we've never been able to duct tape our own hands.

Rules of Edward 40 Hands

There is one exception to the rule. If you're ok peeing your pants, because as Billy Madison said, "Peeing your pants is cool!", then by all means take your time chugging those 40s.

Alternative Version | Edward 40 Hand

It's fully acceptable to play Edward 40 Hand, singular, if you only have one hand. No reason to discriminate.

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