Play/drink responsibly. If that means using water, use water.

Letterkenny Drinking Game

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Whether you just got done chorin' or you're pre-gaming a Bock et Biche, the Letterkenny drinking game will make you laugh as often as you drink. It's also a really great game to play at a super soft birthday party. Just remember, you don't fight at weddings.

But, you may fight at the next Super Bowl party if you play the SBLVI drinking game. It's made for all types of players: rookies, vets, pro bowlers, and hall of famers. Is that you?

Equipment you need to play

Rules of the Letterkenny Drinking Game

The most important part of any drinking game is establish the set of rules by which you play said game. Take the power hour for instance. Any deviation in the rules of a power hour would basically render the game non-existant.

Anyway, with regard to the game, take the appropriate amount of drinks/sips any time certain actions are performed or a character is quoted. As a bonus, everyone drinks with a social in certain circumstances.

How many drinks to take

Before you start the game, you should take a drink when you read, "There are 5,000 people in Letterkenny. These are their problems."

Also, make sure to tap the bottom of your can/mug/glass/bottle twice every time you finish a drink.

Take One Drink



Socials (everyone drinks 1)

Take Two Drinks



Socials (everyone drinks 2)

Take Three Drinks



Socials (everyone drinks 3)

Finish Your Drink



Socials (everyone finishes their drink)

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