Play/drink responsibly. If that means using water, use water.

The Rules of the Top Gun Drinking Game

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Maverick and Goose preparing for flight games at Top Gun
WE happened to see a MiG-28 do a 4G negative dive ... onto a keg

Sometimes it's fun to play a drinking game where you often have to finish your drink. However, the Top Gun drinking game only has one reason for such an occasion, and you know what part it is.

If you really want to throttle up the game, we have some ideas. To start, feel free to hand out drinks to anyone who doesn't know the real names of Maverick (Pete Mitchell) and Goose (Nick Bradshaw). Hand out another drink to people who don't recognize CDR Stinger as Principal Strickland from Back to the Future.

And last, hand out a drink to anyone who thinks Danger Zone is a better song than Mighty Wings. Loggins is a legendary talent, but Danger Zone is on the plague in the ladies room for second place. Bonus points for listening to the Top Gun Soundtrack while playing.

"You can beer my wingman anytime!"

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