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Waterfall Drinking Game | Equipment, Rules and Gameplay

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Yes, we know Waterfall is pretty similar to King's Cup. It is what it is. A lot of drinking games share common elements.

Waterfall the In-Game Action

Before we get started on playing Waterfall the game, we should let you know that many other games utilize the Waterfall as an in-game action. This includes not only the aforementioned King's Cup, as well as it's many variants, but also straight card drinking games such as Asshole. Like Categories, it is flexible in that it is a playable game as well as consequence in and of itself.


Setting up the Game

Spread out the 52 cards in the deck in a haphazard, if even a bit messy way on the table.

Waterfall Cup Rules

One of the major differences between Ring of Fire, Circle of Death, and King's Cup is that there is no cup laid out in the middle of the table. As such, the placement of the cards doesn't really matter. So, you draw cards at random and play based on the actions of those cards.

When You Draw a Two

Drawing a two gives you the ability to give out two sips to another player.

When You Draw a Three

You drink three sips of your drink when you draw a three.

When You Draw a Four

All ladies in the game drink when a four is drawn.

When You Draw a Five

Rules get made when a five is drawn.

When You Draw a Six

All guys at the table drink when a six is drawn.

When You Draw a Seven

Seven for heaven. The last person to point to the sky/ceiling drinks a sip of their drink.

When You Draw a Eight

Eight is for mates. Pick a buddy when an eight is drawn. From now on, you drink whenever they have to and vice versa.

When You Draw a Nine

Bust a rhyme. All players must follow the rhyme scheme set forth from the person who drew the nine. If that was you, you must say a phrase such as, "I used to be good at sports", to which the next person might say, "I'd never wear a pair of jorts"

Extending beyond the game of waterfall is the idea that no one should wear jorts.

When You Draw a Ten

Drawing a ten allows (forces?) you to come up with a category. All players in turn must say something that belongs to that category. First player who doesn't takes a sip of their drink.

When You Draw a Jack

Jack jack go back. The last player to draw before you must drink.

When You Draw a Queen

Queens are for questions. One of the more annoying rules of the waterfall game if we're being honest.

The player drawing the queen must look at another player and ask a question. That player must in turn do the same. The first player to not ask a question, take too much time in between asking, or generally break character and start laughing must take a sip of their drink.

When You Draw a King

The player drawing the king must take one sip for each King that has been drawn. If it's the first King, you take one sip. If it's the second, you take two. And so on.

When You Draw an Ace


The person who draws an Ace starts what is known as a waterfall. Everyone in the game proceeds to chug their drink, starting with the person who drew the card. That means that the player who went right before the person drawing the Ace is the last in line.

Everyone in line must continue drinking their beverage until the player in front of them - using the order you've been playing in - stops. Then they are allowed to stop, or, to continue on.

It's a good idea not to be too abusive, as you may find yourself at the end of a waterfall at some point.

In Conclusion

That's the card game of waterfall. It's a blast for sure. It's also good in a pinch if you don't have a big giant cup to play Circle of Death with.

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