The Happy Gilmore Hockey Stick Putter is for Sale

Tap it in. Just tap it in. Now you can tap it in too with Happy's famous hockey stick putter, as made by Odyssey.

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Odyssey's Happy Gilmore hockey stick putter, complete with black grip tape
The Hockey Stick Putter

The golden blade with faux grip tape just calls our to our teenage selves. Buy me! And we shall play many good rounds of golf together.

What is Happy Gilmore?

Happy Gilmore was a movie that came out in 1996 featuring Adam Sandler as the lead character of the same name. Here's a quick summary.

Guy can't cut it in hockey. However, he has tremendous power and can drive a golf ball a country mile. A golf pro, Chubbs, (Carl Weathers) sees this talent and recruits/convinces him to play golf. Happy, played by Sandler, brings a lot of his hockey background to the game, thus causing him to break all of the written and unwritten rules of golf etiquette.

This includes fighting, swearing, and generally being sloppily dressed for day at the country club. One of the things he brings to the game is a hockey stick-style putter. The wooden blade with the centered, black grip tape aesthetic gives it away. His approach to putting is even informed by his hockey background, as his grip is anything but traditional. Essentially, he holds the hockey stick putter like he's gearing up for a slapshot on net.

History of the Hockey Stick Putter

Chubbs Peterson, in an effort to coach to Happy's talents, has the putter made for him. Happy, dressed in Nantucket Reds and a Subway T-shirt then uses the putter to just, "Tap it in. Just Tap it in!", beating Golf Pro and Arch-Nemesis, Shooter McGavin along the way.

Here is what Odyssey had to say about the putter, "The one and only hockey blade style putter used to win the 1996 Gold Jacket is finally back in this limited Small Batch release! This celebrates the 25th anniversary of the hockey player’s upset victory in the infamous 1996 Tour Championship!"

PS - Chubbs discovered Happy at the driving range.

How do you get the Hockey Stick Putter?

Unfortunately, Odyssey only made 25 of them. So, you probably didn't get one. And, what's worse, you probably can't get one. Their small batch putters are works of art, and in this case, amazingly popular, given the nostalgia and retained relevance of both the movie and Adam Sandler.

How much does it cost?

$700. Plus, you had to win a lottery for the right to purchase the putter.

How can I buy a hockey stick putter?

Ready Golf makes a hockey stick putter for a lot, lot less. Given the nature of the blade, it will work for both lefties and righties. Don't forget the black grip tape though. And, don't stickhandle the golf ball on the green too much, lest a course ranger give you a what for.

Ready Golf Putter Features

Wrapping Up

It should be mandatory that you buy this golf club with a big huge check, kind of like the one that Shooter got for winning The Waterbury Open. Odyssey, if you're listening, make this a viable option for purchase.

Anyway, if you're lucky, maybe that special someone will buy you one of these for Christmas this year. If it were us, we'd leave it, "Waiting for you in the parking lot."