What is Happy Hour and Where can I find Happy Hour Near Me?

Happy hour is a time period when the price for alcoholic drinks and food get reduced at bars and restaurants.

Happy Hours are celebrated mostly on weekdays, generally between the hours of 2pm-6pm. Saturday and Sunday typically do not host Happy Hours as bars don't need to entice customers to patronize their business on the weekends.

If you're part of a beer of the month club, then you shouldn't have any trouble starting up a Happy Hour from the comfort of your own home.

How do Bars and Restaurants get around Happy Hour laws?

Many bars and restaurants get around happy hour laws by inventing new ways of running promotional discounts. For instance, Happy Hour can also apply to certain food discounts during a given time. This effectively keeps the cost of eating and drinking the same for patrons.

States where Happy Hour is banned

Why have certain states banned Happy Hour?

The reasons for such measures vary from state-to-state and the argument to not allow Happy Hour centers around the following:


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