Antonio Brown rapping during his debut release, Paradigm
AB84 playing in Worcester, MA @ Whiskey on Water

The Antonio Brown Rap Show @ Whiskey On Water in Worcester, MA 9/22/22

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In a, "Wait, what?" kind of way, apparently Antonio Brown, formerly of the National Football League, is going to appear live on stage in Worcester, Massachusetts on Thursday, September, 22nd 2022.

The ex-Wide Receiver will be performing in the upstairs part of the club. The Top 40 Hip Hop show will (probably) be unlike any the club has seen in a long time, given how famous the WR is.

Antonio Brown released his debut album, Paradigm, back in April of this year. Beyond rapping, he has spent his last year showing up at various events, including NBA games and figuring out what to do next with Kanye's Donda Company.

AB84 is no stranger to the limelight. Even his exit from the NFL was breaking news. Not sure that the GOAT was pleased with how that all shook down neither.

Gotta wonder what songs Antonio is planning on rapping. Maybe Andrew Luck? Pit Not the Palace? Perhaps something off of Himmothy.

Long story short, why don't you go and let us know how it goes.

Event Details: Cost, Location, DJs

Whiskey On Water, 97 Water Street, Worcester, MA 01604

Tickets for the almost sold out show can be purchased by using the link below. The show will take place on Thursday, Sep 23, 2022, going from 8:30 PM to 2:00 AM on Friday, September 23rd, 2022.

Tickets for Antonio Brown in Worcester cost between $20-$60.


DJs at the Event

Antonio Brown's former teams include:

A four-time all-pro, Antonio Brown has played for these teams:

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