Play/drink responsibly. If that means using water, use water.

Ring of Fire Drinking Game | Equipment, Rules and Gameplay

Take a bunch of cards and spread them out around a cup ... where have we heard that before? Each similar game has some variation though, hence why they are all separate.

Games similar to Ring of Fire


Ring of Fire Rules

When you draw a King

Drawing a King in Ring of Fire forces you to pour some of your drink into the middle Punishment Cup. This is the same for the first three kings drawn in the game. When the 4th King is drawn, the player who drew it is obligated to consume the Punishment Cup in the middle of the Ring of Fire. Brutal, right?!

Once that occurs, there are two paths before you. You either start the game over, or play until all of the cards are drawn. The only exception is if the last King gets drawn as the very last card, then it's a moot point.

When you draw a Queen

Q for Queen, Q for Question Game. The player who draws a Queen must ask a question, any question, of another player. That player must in turn ask a question of another player. This process repeats until either a question is not asked, or, too much time elapses between the player being asked and asking the next one.

When you draw a Jack

Jacks are for Never Have I Ever. Ring of Fire is less punishing than Circle of Death, and thus most of the rules are as well. When a Jack is drawn, the player to do so says, "Never Have I Ever ____" - and chooses an actions (any action). Any player who has done whatever was said, must drink.

When you draw a Ten

Drawing a Ten allows you to choose a category unto which all players must say an item that belongs to that category. For example, "NFL Quarterbacks". All players must then list off the names of players who have played Quarterback. Specificity is key, as adding the modifier "current" would make Joe Montana and Peyton Manning ineligible as answers. For your reference, GOAT Tom Brady is still playing.

When you draw a Nine

Drawing a Nine enables you to Bust-a-Rhyme. You come up with a phrase/lyric, something like, "Every Friday Night I drink too many beers". All of the players after you must then come up with lines that rhyme with the word beers. You do this until a player flubs a rhyme, or, takes too much time to spit a bar.

When you draw a Eight

Hate the Eight! The player who draws an Eight must choose a person to discipline. The hate comes in the form of being able to tell them to start drinking until you decide they've had enough. It's up to you to tell them to stop. This can get real ugly, so please be responsible.

Also, it has a habit of coming back around, as someday they'll be the one drawing the eight.

When you draw a Seven

Seven goes to heaven. Last person at the table to point to the sky takes a sip of their drink.

When you draw a Six

All players who identify as male drink.

When you draw a Five

Five alive. The person with the closest birthday drinks. On the next five, you move on to the person with the second closest birthday and so on.

When you draw a Four

All players who identify as female drink.

When you draw a Three

Take three sips of your drink if you draw a three.

When you draw a Two

Hand out two sips to anyone at the table if you draw a two.

When you draw an Ace

The person drawing an Ace starts the waterfall. A waterfall is when everyone drinks continuously until the player before them in the order stops.

In short, you don't want to be the person who went before the person who draws an Ace, that's for sure.