A List of the Best NFL Mascots

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The Oregon Duck, the mascot of the University of Oregon football team
Ok ok, so The Oregon Duck is a college mascot. We apologize.

You always see a lot more of a team's mascot after that team wins the Super Bowl, that's for sure. They pop up on commercials, they are involved in other charitable events, it just becomes noticeable.

Anyway, as one of the hardest sports going, Football mascots tend to be named tough things like Conquer, Steely McBeam, and Warpaint. Here's a list of the current NFL mascots by conference and division.

AFC North

AFC East

AFC South

AFC West

NFC North

NFC East

NFC South

NFC West

NFL Teams FAQs

How many NFL mascots are there?

There are 37 NFL mascots, depsite there being only 32 NFL teams.

What are the 5 NFL teams without a mascot?

Five NFL teams don't have a mascot. They include Green Bay Packers, Los Angeles Chargers, New York Giants, New York Jets, and Washington Commanders.

What is the best named NFL mascot?

We think it's a tie between Buffalo Billy and Rampage. It's always great when a team can work their name into the mascots name, let alone do it twice like the Buffalo Bills (Buffalo Billy). Then again, it's also awesome when their name works into a tough, NFL-grinding style word such as Rampage.

How much do NFL mascots get paid?

Unlike college football mascots, NFL mascots get paid. Sportskeeda says that, "the average salary nearly doubles to about $60,000 per year."

As an example, still from Sportskeeda, Rowdy, the mascot for the Dallas Cowboys, "makes $65,000 per year".

However, there seems to be an upper limit, as the old Vikings mascot, Ragnar, started asking for $20,000 per game, according to the LA Times, and was replaced by Viktor.

NFL mascots also make private appearances for a set hourly rate.

Do NFL mascots get Super Bowl rings?

We are not sure. It seems that yes, mascots of MLB and NBA teams get rings. But, as far as football goes, we think it really depends on the maximum number of rings purchased for the Super Bowl winning team.

Do NFL mascots get into the team photo?

We are unsure. We imagine some mascots do make a version of the team photo.

Do NFL mascots travel to away games?

On rare occasion do mascots travel with the team to away games. In general, a mascot makes community appearances during away game weeks, while attending every home game. They do attend the Super Bowl.

Where can I buy inflatable NFL mascots?

From Amazon.


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