Boston Professional Sports Teams

The City of Boston, Massachusetts has Five Professional Sports Teams.

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A view of the city of Boston, Massachusetts
Boston, MA

But their fans demand more. Gotta admire Bostonians for that. They are passionate sports fans who loved their teams even when they had 86 year droughts. Or, were terrible and couldn't pack Sullivan Stadium. Your pick.

Either way, Boston is one of the greatest sports cities, both in fandom and success. Plus, a handful of players on the 1980 U.S. Men's Hockey team went to college in Boston, so there's that too.

A view of Fenway Park from behind home plate
The Boston Red Sox play at Fenway Park

Boston Red Sox

Like another baseball team in Chicago, the Boston Red Sox have the dubious distinction of being a pro team that does not end in "s". That said, they were much more known for having an 86 year "curse" where they didn't win a single World Series title. Since breaking the, "Curse of the Bambino", they've gone on to win 4 more in the last two decades.

And let us not forget hot corner beer legend, Wade Boggs, he of "Drank 70 beers on a cross-country flight" fame. The Punch and Judy hitter, as called by Tony Gwynn, played at an all-star caliber for a decade for the Red Sox in the 80s. We tip our (baseball) caps to ol' Wade. May he still swill in quantity!

On December 20, 2001, an ownership group led by John Henry purchased the Red Sox for $380 million. That ownership group, which includes Tom Werner, amongst others, is officially the Fenway Sports Group. The team's current value is $3.47 billion dollars.


Notable Players

Team Colors

A close-up of Tom Brady, Quarterback of the New England Patriots, throwing a pass
Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady

New England Patriots

You'd believe Gillette Stadium was down in the Seaport if you watched a live broadcast of the games, that's how many aerial shots of the city they show. Names like Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and Robert Kraft immediately come to mind when you think about the Patriots. But if you think a little bit longer, you may remember Drew Bledsoe, Ty Law, Stanley Morgan, Adam Vinatieri, Andre Tippett, and a whole host of others. You don't need to try so hard for Julian Edelman, as he's still chirping on social media.

The Patriots, much like the Celtics, are tied for the league lead with the Steelers when it comes to overall championships in the league, with 6 Super Bowl victories. This puts them 7 behind the Green Bay Packers in terms of Pro Football titles, but who is counting those early days anymore?!

Let's not forget that Tom Brady owns 7 SB wins, or, one more than any single team. Guy is an animal. You too can ascend to TB12 levels by competing in the Ultimate Super Bowl Drinking Game.

The class of the NFL for two decades, lets see how they recover in 2023 after failing to make the playoffs this year.


Notable Players

Team Colors

Bruins players, Zdeno Chara and goalie Tim Thomas in the defensive zone
Zdeno skating with the puck

Boston Bruins

The Bruins are part of the Original Six NHL teams, having formed as a club in 1924. They are off to an incredible start to the 2022-2023 season and are positioned well for a deep playoff run. Hopefully they can hang another banner in the rafters of the garden when the season concludes.

Notable Players

A view of the Bruins and Celtics Championship Banners in the Boston Garden
That's a lot of fabric

Boston Celtics

Hanging in the rafters of the Boston Garden is a slew of title banners from their league-leading 17 NBA Championships, of which they are tied with the Los Angeles Lakers. The Garden held court to basketball royalty, Bill Russell, Larry Bird and legendary coach, Red Auerbach to name a few.


Jayson Tatum dribbling past two Orland Magic players
Is there anything Tatum can't do?

Notable Players

Beyond one of the best coaches of all-time, the C's had a couple of players who are among the best NBA players ever.

New England Revolution

If we're including the Patriots, we might as well include the Revolution. They've made it to the finals plenty, but have never taken home the crown. Not much of a revolution if we're being honest.

Here's a different Revolution in Foxborough that plays at an elite level. Boston's own, Bang Camaro, playing at Showcase Live Foxborough.


Hall of Fame Boston Pro Sports Players Who Could Be The Best Ever

Interestingly enough, Boston can make the argument that they possessed the greatest to ever play the game in each of the four major sports, with basketball being the hardest to argue for. And that was a dude with 11 rings.

Tom Brady (NFL)

There is nothing to be said, TB12 is the G.O.A.T. of the National Football League.

The Bobby Orr statue of the famous goal at the Boston Garden
There was only one Bobby Orr.

Bobby Orr (NHL)

The original Hack-a-Shaq, or, Hack-a-Gronk, if you're New England minded. NO ONE could keep up with him, and he was a defenseman. If Orr doesn't get repeatedly bundled, he could have been it for the NHL.

Ted Williams (MLB)

The guy left for multiple wars and still finished with over 500+ homeruns. Put him on the Yankees (little league porch in right), keep him home from the war(s), and he may be MLB's ONLY 1000+ HR hitter.

With Williams on the squad, perhaps the Yankees would have extended their pro sports championship-winning title lead even further.

Was he the best fielder that Major League Baseball ever saw? No. But it didn't matter, as he was the best hitter in league history.

Bill Russell (NBA)

It is simple, Bill has more rings than fingers. That's more 'ships than the late 50's beer league softball guy with the mullet in your town has, and that's saying something, cause he's been playing since Russell retired.