NFL Super Bowl Winners & Losers

Below is a list of the years, teams, MVPs, coaches, venues, and runners up from each NFL season and its Super Bowl. If you want to find one that Tom Brady didn't play in, you're going to have to scroll down a bit.

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Speaking of scrolling down, we answer over 20+ of your most asked questions regarding the Super Bowl below the chart, so check that out.

You can also check out the Super Bowl drinking game, if that's the kind of thing you're into. It's fun to play along with while watching the big game. We advise you to never play Tom Brady mode though. Never.

Super Bowl Year Winner Opponent Score MVP Winning Coach NFC Runner-Up AFC Runner-Up Venue Host Team
LVI 2022 Los Angeles Rams Cincinnati Bengals* 23-20 Cooper Kupp Sean McVay Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kansas City Chiefs Los Angeles Chargers/Rams
LV 2021 Tampa Bay Buccaneers* Kansas City Chiefs 31-9 Tom Brady Bruce Arians Green Bay Packers Buffalo Bills Tampa Buccaneers
LIV 2020 Kansas City Chiefs* San Francisco 49ers 31-20 Patrick Mahomes Andy Reid Green Bay Packers Tennessee Titans Miami Dolphins
LIII 2019 New England Patriots Los Angeles Rams* 13-3 Julian Edelman Bill Belichick New Orleans Saints Kansas City Chiefs Atlanta Falcons
LII 2018 Philadelphia Eagles New England Patriots 41-33 Nick Foles Doug Pederson Minnesota Vikings Jacksonville Jaguars Minneapolis Vikings
LI 2017 New England Patriots Atlanta Falcons 34-28 (OT) Tom Brady Bill Belichick Green Bay Packers Pittsburgh Steelers Houston Texans
L 2016 Denver Broncos Carolina Panthers 24-10 Von Miller Gary Kubiak Arizona Cardinals New England Patriots Santa Clara 49ers
XLIX 2015 New England Patriots Seattle Seahawks 28-24 Tom Brady Bill Belichick Green Bay Packers Indianapolis Colts Phoenix Cardinals
XLVIII 2014 Seattle Seahawks Denver Broncos 43-8 Malcolm Smith Pete Carroll San Francisco 49ers New England Patriots New Jersey Jets/Giants
XLVII 2013 Baltimore Ravens San Francisco 49ers 34-31 Joe Flaco John Harbaugh Atlanta Falcons New England Patriots New Orleans Saints
XLVI 2012 New York Giants New England Patriots 21-17 Eli Manning Tom Coughlin San Francisco 49ers Baltimore Ravens Indianapolis Colts
XLV 2011 Green Bay Packers Pittsburgh Steelers 31-25 Aaron Rodgers Mike McCarthy Chicago Bears New York Jets Arlington Cowboys
XLIV 2010 New Orleans Saints Indianapolis Colts 31-17 Drew Brees Sean Payton Minnesota Vikings New York Jets Miami Dolphins
XLIII 2009 Pittsburgh Steelers Arizona Cardinals 27-23 Santonio Holmes Mike Tomlin Philadelphia Eagles Baltimore Ravens Tampa Buccaneers
XLII 2008 New York Giants New England Patriots 17-14 Eli Manning Tom Coughlin Green Bay Packers San Diego Chargers Phoenix Cardinals
XLI 2007 Indianapolis Colts Chicago Bears 29-17 Peyton Manning Tony Dungy New Orleans Saints New England Patriots Miami Dolphins
XL 2006 Pittsburgh Steelers Seattle Seahawks 21-10 Hines Ward Bill Cowher Carolina Panthers Denver Broncos Detroit Lions
XXXIX 2005 New England Patriots Philadelphia Eagles 24-21 Deion Branch Bill Belichick Atlanta Falcons Pittsburgh Steelers Jacksonville Jaguars
XXXVIII 2004 New England Patriots Carolina Panthers 32-29 Tom Brady Bill Belichick Philadelphia Eagles Indianapolis Colts Houston Texans
XXXVII 2003 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Oakland Raiders 48-21 Dexter Jackson Jon Gruden Philadelphia Eagles Tennessee Titans San Diego Chargers
XXXVI 2002 New England Patriots St. Louis Rams 20-17 Tom Brady Bill Belichick Philadelphia Eagles Pittsburgh Steelers New Orleans Saints
XXXV 2001 Baltimore Ravens New York Giants 34-7 Ray Lewis Brian Billick Minnesota Vikings Oakland Raiders Tampa Buccaneers
XXXIV 2000 St. Louis Rams Tennessee Titans 23-16 Kurt Warner Dick Vermeil Jacksonville Jaguars Tampa Bay Buccaneers Atlanta Falcons
XXXIII 1999 Denver Broncos Atlanta Falcons 34-19 John Elway Mike Shanahan Minnesota Vikings New York Jets Miami Dolphins
XXXII 1998 Denver Broncos Green Bay Packers 31-24 Terrell Davis Mike Shanahan San Francisco 49ers Pittsburgh Steelers San Diego Chargers
XXXI 1997 Green Bay Packers New England Patriots 35-21 Desmond Howard Mike Holmgren Carolina Panthers Jacksonville Jaguars New Orleans Saints
XXX 1996 Dallas Cowboys Pittsburgh Steelers 27-17 Larry Brown Barry Switzer Green Bay Packers Indianapolis Colts Tempe Cardinals
XXIX 1995 San Francisco 49ers San Diego Chargers 49-26 Steve Young George Seifert Dallas Cowboys Pittsburgh Steelers Miami Dolphins
XXVIII 1994 Dallas Cowboys Buffalo Bills 30-13 Emmitt Smith Jimmy Johnson San Francisco 49ers Kansas City Chiefs Atlanta Falcons
XXVII 1993 Dallas Cowboys Buffalo Bills 52-17 Troy Aikman Jimmy Johnson San Francisco 49ers Miami Dolphins Pasadena UCLA Bruins
XXVI 1992 Washington Redskins Buffalo Bills 37-24 Mark Rypien Joe Gibbs Detroit Lions Denver Broncos Minneapolis Vikings
XXV 1991 New York Giants Buffalo Bills 20-19 Ottis Anderson Bill Parcells San Francisco 49ers Los Angeles Raiders Tampa Buccaneers
XXIV 1990 San Francisco 49ers Denver Broncos 55-10 Joe Montana George Seifert Los Angeles Rams Cleveland Browns New Orleans Saints
XXIII 1989 San Francisco 49ers Cincinnati Bengals 20-16 Jerry Rice Bill Walsh Chicago Bears Buffalo Bills Miami Dolphins
XXII 1988 Washington Redskins Denver Broncos 42-10 Doug Williams Joe Gibbs Minnesota Vikings Cleveland Browns San Diego Chargers
XXI 1987 New York Giants Denver Broncos 39-20 Phil Simms Bill Parcells Washington Redskins Cleveland Browns Pasadena UCLA Bruins
XX 1986 Chicago Bears New England Patriots 46-10 Richard Dent Mike Ditka Los Angeles Rams Miami Dolphins New Orleans Saints
XIX 1985 San Francisco 49ers Miami Dolphins 38-16 Joe Montana Bill Walsh Chicago Bears Pittsburgh Steelers Stanford Stanford Cardinals
XVIII 1984 Los Angeles Raiders Washington Redskins 38-9 Marcus Allen Tom Flores San Francisco 49ers Seattle Seahawks Tampa Buccaneers
XVII 1983 Washington Redskins Miami Dolphins 27-17 John Riggins Joe Gibbs Dallas Cowboys New York Jets Pasadena UCLA Bruins
XVI 1982 San Francisco 49ers Cincinnati Bengals 26-21 Joe Montana Bill Walsh Dallas Cowboys San Diego Chargers Pontiac Lions
XV 1981 Oakland Raiders Philadelphia Eagles 27-10 Jim Plunkett Tom Flores Dallas Cowboys San Diego Chargers New Orleans Saints
XIV 1980 Pittsburgh Steelers Los Angeles Rams 31-19 Terry Bradshaw Chuck Noll Tampa Bay Buccaneers Houston Oilers Pasadena UCLA Bruins
XIII 1979 Pittsburgh Steelers Dallas Cowboys 35-31 Terry Bradshaw Chuck Noll Los Angeles Rams Houston Oilers Miami Dolphins
XII 1978 Dallas Cowboys Denver Broncos 27-10 Randy White, Harvey Martin Tom Landry Minnesota Vikings Oakland Raiders New Orleans Saints
XI 1977 Oakland Raiders Minnesota Vikings 32-14 Fred Biletnikoff John Madden Los Angeles Rams Pittsburgh Steelers Pasadena UCLA Bruins
X 1976 Pittsburgh Steelers Dallas Cowboys 21-17 Lynn Swann Chuck Noll Los Angeles Rams Oakland Raiders Miami Dolphins
IX 1975 Pittsburgh Steelers Minnesota Vikings 16-6 Franco Harris Chuck Noll Los Angeles Rams Oakland Raiders New Orleans Saints
VIII 1974 Miami Dolphins Minnesota Vikings 24-7 Larry Csonka Don Shula Dallas Cowboys Oakland Raiders Houston Oilers
VII 1973 Miami Dolphins Washington Redskins 14-7 Jake Scott Don Shula Dallas Cowboys Pittsburgh Steelers Los Angeles Rams
VI 1972 Dallas Cowboys Miami Dolphins 24-3 Roger Staubach Tom Landry San Francisco 49ers Baltimore Colts New Orleans Saints
V 1971 Baltimore Colts Dallas Cowboys 16-13 Chuck Howley Don McCafferty San Francisco 49ers Oakland Raiders Miami Dolphins
IV 1970 Kansas City Chiefs Minnesota Vikings 23-7 Len Dawson Hank Stram Cleveland Browns Oakland Raiders New Orleans Saints
III 1969 New York Jets Baltimore Colts 16-7 Joe Namath Weeb Ewbank Cleveland Browns Oakland Raiders Miami Dolphins
II 1968 Green Bay Packers Oakland Raiders 33-14 Bart Starr Vince Lombardi Dallas Cowboys Houston Oilers Miami Dolphins
I 1967 Green Bay Packers Kansas City Chiefs 35-10 Bart Starr Vince Lombardi Dallas Cowboys Buffalo Bills Los Angeles Rams

* Represents the Home Team for the game. Home team determines which colors get worn for the game.

Super Bowl FAQs

How much do the Super Bowl winners get paid?

The players on the winning team of the Super Bowl receive a bonus check for $150,000. Or, as we like to say, a check good for one bottle of the most expensive champagne that night during the victory party.

Who were the last 10 Super Bowl winners?

The last 10 teams to win the super bowl are:

  1. Los Angeles Rams (2022)
  2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2021)
  3. Kansas City Chiefs (2020)
  4. New England Patriots (2019)
  5. Philadelphia Eagles (2018)
  6. New England Patriots (2017)
  7. Denver Broncos (2016)
  8. New England Patriots (2015)
  9. Seattle Seahawks (2014)
  10. Baltimore Ravens (2013)

Why do Super Bowl winners go to Disney?

Disney started this marketing campaign in 1987, with winning QB of the New York Giants, Phil Simms stating, "I'm going to Disneyland!"

The entertainment conglomerate shells out oodles of cash every year to keep the streak alive, something that almost didn't happen in 2008 when the Colts won because TV Cameraman, Mark Allan had some trouble, stating that light was, "... shining right between Dungy and Rhodes right down the barrel of my lens, hitting the fog and flaring everything up."

Another TV crew got the shot though and all was saved.

When is the parade for Super Bowl winners?

The parade for the Super Bowl winners usually occurs within 2-5 days of the team returning home from the game's venue and host city.

However, it should be noted that the Tampa Bay Bucs, who hosted and won Super Bowl LV and the Los Angeles Rams, who hosted and won Super Bowl LVI, still had the same 2-5 day turnover time to help the city prep for the festivities.

Though I'm not sure any amount of prepping prepared the nation for drunk Tom Brady tossing the trophy from boat to boat.

What is the name of the Super Bowl trophy?

The Vince Lombardi Trophy. The trophy is named after the legendary head coach of the Green Bay Packers. He was the winning coach of the very first Super Bowl in 1967.

What is the name of the Super Bowl MVP trophy?

The Pete Rozelle Trophy.

Who was the last Super Bowl MVP?

Cooper Kupp was the most recent recipient of the Super Bowl MVP award for his outstanding play at Wide Receiver. Without Cooper Kupp, there is virtually zero chance that the Rams beat the Bengals. He was the best player in the league this year, performing far superior to everyone, including actual MVP, Aaron Rodgers.

What does the Super Bowl MVP get?

For Cooper Kupp's efforts, he receives a brand new car to go along with his fun, new expensive trophy. This is standard for all Super Bowl MVPs.

Who has won the most Super Bowl MVP awards?

Tom Brady has won the Pete Rozelle award 5 times in his career. Four with the N.E. Patriots and once with the Bucs. Joe Montana is next with 3 SB MVP awards to his credit, all with the 49ers.

How many Heisman trophy winners have won the Super Bowl?

There have been 10 Heisman trophy winners who have earned a Super Bowl ring. The Heisman trophy is given to the best player in college football.

Which college has the most Super Bowl winners?

The University of Southern California has produced 48 players that have gone on to win a Super Bowl. Second is the University of Miami, which is tied with both the University of Tennessee, as well as the University of Notre Dame, producing 44 apiece. Then there is Penn State with 43 players.

Michigan is up next with 39, and quite frankly, they should just be awarded a few extra for the fact that TB12 has played 2-3 careers.

How are the NFL schedules made for the Super Bowl winners the following season?

The NFL, "typically schedules the Super Bowl champion at home for the Thursday night game that kicks off the new season."

That could be coming to a screeching halt in the Fall of 2022 as Amazon, the Thursday Night Game rights-holder, is asking for league-darling Patrick Mahomes to be featured in the opening game of the season.

Does Defensive Ranking matter for winning the Super Bowl?

According to The Guardian, "Among the 49 NFL Super Bowls, the better defensive team, measured by points allowed that season, has won 30 times." That would suggest that Defensive Ranking does matter.

However, also from The Guardian, "The better offensive team has won 25 times." In the end, it's debatable.

Who were the 15 Medal of Honor winners at the 2018 Super Bowl?

  1. Allan Kellogg: Marines, Vietnam (awarded 10/15/1973)
  2. Bennie Adkins: Army, Vietnam (award delayed 9/15/2014)
  3. Clint Romesha: Army, Afghanistan (awarded 2/11/2013)
  4. Don Ballard: Navy, Vietnam (awarded 5/14/1970)
  5. Flo Groberg: Army, Afghanistan (awarded 11/12/2015)
  6. Gary Littrell: Army, Vietnam (awarded 10/15/1973)
  7. James Taylor: Army, Vietnam (awarded 11/19/1968)
  8. Leroy Petry: Army, Afghanistan (awarded 7/12/2011)
  9. Robert Patterson: Army, Vietnam (awarded 10/10/1969)
  10. Roger Donlon: Army, Vietnam (awarded 12/5/1964)
  11. Sal Giunta: Army, Afghanistan (awarded 11/16/2010)
  12. Sammy Davis: Army, Vietnam (awarded 11/18/1967)
  13. Tom Kelley: Navy, Vietnam (awarded 5/17/1969)
  14. Walter Marm: Army, Vietnam (awarded 12/19/1966)
  15. Woody Williams: Marines, WWII (awarded 10/5/1945)

Which position has produced the most Super Bowl MVP winners?

The Quarterback position has produced the most Super Bowl MVP winners, with 31 trophies handed out. Wide Receiver follows next with 8, followed by Running Back with 7 Pete Rozelles.

How many repeat Super Bowl winners have there been?

6 franchises have enjoyed back-to-back victories, including Pittsburgh doing it twice. The list includes:

Have any teams won the Super Bowl after losing every preseason game?

The Washington Redskins pulled off this feat, losing all four preseason games and going on to win the big one in 1982.

How many Super Bowl winners have given up 600+ yards on defense?

The Philadelphia Eagles gave up 600+ yards of offense to a Tom Brady led Patriots squad in February of 2018 at Super Bowl LII. At the time, it was the first time any Quarterback had thrown for 500+ yards in a postseason game. The Patriots didn't even punt.

In the end, the Eagles held on for a 41-33 victory.

How much do the losers make for playing in the Super Bowl?

Players who lose the Super Bowl receive a bonus check worth $75,000.

What does the President do for Super Bowl winners?

The President of the United States typically invites the team that won the Super Bowl to the White House. This is typical for all of the major sports leagues.

How accurate is Google for picking the winner of the game?

We're not exactly sure how accurate Google is in predicting the game, but we do know that Madden NFL 22, a video game made by Electronic Arts, got really, really close to picking the exact score of the most recent Bengals/Rams Super Bowl.

According to ScreenRant, "... This realism extends to EA's yearly Madden NFL Super Bowl simulation, with the big game prediction reportedly achieving 61% accuracy since its inception."

The game predicted that the Bengals would win with a score of 24-21. It picked the wrong victor, but the points were almost there.

Which team has won the most Super Bowls?

There is a two-way tie for the most championships in the NFL, with the New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers each having won Super Bowl. The former occurred in recent years with Tom Brady as QB, whereas the latter happened in the 70s with Terry Bradshaw as the QB.

Who are the only two Co-MVP Super Bowl winners?

Harvey Martin, a DE, and Randy White, a DT of the Dallas Cowboys won Co-MVP honors in Super Bowl XII.

Which TV station hosts the Super Bowl?

It started out switching between CBS and NBC for years. Then ABC got involved. Then CBS. Then Fox.

Crazy story though, both CBS and NBC broadcast the first game with the Packers and Chiefs.

What percentage of teams don't make it back to the Super Bowl the next year?

It's small enough that only 3 teams who have lost the Super Bowl have returned the next year to win: 1971 Cowboys, 1972 Dolphins and the 2018 Patriots.

How many overtime games have been played?

Only one overtime game has been played in the history of the Super Bowl. In that game, the New England Patriots, led by Tom Brady, came back to defeat the Atlanta Falcons from a late game score of 28-3. If there were any doubts prior to this game as to who the best QB ever was, they were erased at the moment that James White crossed the goal line in overtime to secure the victory.

Of course, the G.O.A.T. would then go on to appear in 3 more Super Bowls, winning two of them. Just because.

Which team holds the record for most consecutive appearances?

The Buffalo Bills of the early 1990s hold the record for the most consecutive appearances in the big game. Unfortunately, they lost every single game, going 0-4. Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas, Bruce Smith and crew just couldn't seem to find a way to defeat the Giants, Redskins and Cowboys (twice).

There were big hopes for 2021's Bills squad, but unfortunately they lost in OT to the Kansas City Chiefs. They in turn lost to Joe Burrow's Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC Championship a week later.

Who played in the first Super Bowl?

Green Bay defeated the Kansas City Chiefs with a score of 35-10 in the very first Super Bowl, held in Los Angeles in 1967. Bart Starr was the QB for the Packers and Vince Lombardi was the coach.

Super Bowl Winning Teams by Decade

It's funny, because if you look at the way the list of winners plays out, you can almost imagine who was on each team and the way the power shifted throughout the league.