What is the difference between Pork Belly and Bacon?

Both are delicious. Both are made from pigs. And did we mention both are delicious? But what dishes can you make with each? How do you cook them?

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A roast pork belly on the left and a bowl of bacon strips on the right
Pork Belly vs Bacon means everyone wins

Bacon has long been a favorite breakfast meat across the globe. It's crispy and tasty, but what is the difference between bacon and pork belly?

Pork belly is the cut of meat where bacon comes from. Bacon is a sliced, cured meat from the pork belly. Pork belly is typically boiled, cured, and steamed, while bacon is a cured meat. Bacon is typically smoked, while pork belly is not. Both bacon and pork belly leave behind quite the amount of bacon drippings.

Either way, we plan on eating plenty of both on the next Bacon Day.

What is Bacon?

For many people, bacon is not just a food - it's a way of life. Bacon is a cured meat that is typically made from pork belly or pork jowl. The bacon is cured with salt, nitrate, and various other ingredients. It is then smoked and cooked. Bacon has been around since Ancient Rome, but it really became popular in the United States in the 20th century.

Bacon is and has been a popular breakfast meat option, and has also been used in a variety of other dishes. It is usually fried or grilled to give it a crisp texture. If you're cooking bacon on a stovetop or grill, you're going to want to use a bacon press. A Bacon Press will help the bacon to cook evenly on both sides.

Types of Dishes made from Bacon

What is Pork Belly?

Some people may be wondering, "What is Pork Belly?" It's not just bacon, that's for sure. In fact, pork belly is the meat from the underside of the pig. It is cut either across the grain or against the grain. It is often used in different types of dishes, including some Chinese ones.

Types of Dishes made from Pork Belly

Wrapping up the Pork comparison

What we learned in this clash of culinary titans is that pork belly and bacon are two different cuts of meat from the same animal. Pork belly is the part of the animal that possesses the fattiest cut, but it is not bacon. Bacon is often Pork Belly, but not always.

Either way, eating bacon or pork belly will have you feeling like you won a championship.