U.S. Bacon Events & Festivals in 2023

Bacon-related events are the ONLY events.

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A woman getting food from a vendor at a Bacon Festival
So many bacon choices, so hard to choose

When is Baconfest Chicago? We don't know, but we are checking. Often. Why? Because we love eating bacon in the windy city.

Here is a fun list of bacon events in your neighborhood. Some of them (ok, most) involve beer. We like beer. We like bacon. And we like sports. Especially Chicago Sports.

Imagine if Andre the Giant attended a beer and bacon festival? He'd probably clean out a few vendors all on his own.

Maybe the Ghost of Andre went to the Bacon & Beer Classic in Denver back on May 22nd and that's why the event has concluded? Maybe.

2023 Bacon Events

2022 Bacon Events