National & International Bacon Day

Two Mythical Holidays to Celebrate in 2023

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A sign wishing you a Happy Bacon Day
Happy Bacon Day to you, too!

We here at BaconSportsBeer extol the virtues of the divine swine meat 365 days per year. 366 every fourth year if you're counting (and we are). We are consummate bacon lovers through and through. We even own a bacon press.

Don't believe us? Try going a week straight eating BLT sandwiches for every single meal. Or, scarfing down 5 bacon cheeseburgers on lunch break.

To us, bacon isn't just a breakfast food, it is the foundation of life itself. Except for the mess. We hate the mess. We never know what to do with bacon grease.

Anyway, bacon, it is basically the ice cream of the food world. Of the many popular foods, it is far and away our favorite. We aren't talking about turkey bacon or soy bacon, no. We are talking about rich, dense, pig bacon. The same kind of meat that dozens of hashtags on social media have been created for.

So, we can certainly understand and appreciate dedicating one day a year to elevate bacon to even greater glory. Better still, dedicating two days to witness bacon greatness. Those days would be International Bacon Day and National Bacon Day. They are each a 24 hour sprint to consume an artery-clogging (or replenishing if you believe us) amount of crispy pork belly. Consider it a powerlifting session to toss as many pounds of bacon down the hatch as possible.

If you couldn't tell, we love Bacon Day. So when is the next one?

When is International Bacon Day?

Saturday, September 3th, 2022 is International Bacon Day. For Americans, it is the first Saturday of September, falling just before Labor Day. Don't forget to set your iPhone notifications to remind you!

Past International Bacon Day Dates

Future International Bacon Day Dates

Ways to observe International Bacon Day

If you live in the United States, one way to observe International Bacon Day is to seek out bacon dishes and bacon recipes that are uniquely European or Asian. Popular cuts of bacon differ across the world, leading to a variation in taste and texture, like bacoun.

If steamed bun Pork Belly Banh Mi sandwiches aren't what you're looking for, you could think just over the northern border and try out some Canadian Bacon. And although bacon eating is not a National Sport of Canada, it should be.

Or, you could dive into a plate of Eastern European Salo, a dry-salt cured slab of fatbacks.

Observing International Bacon Day is a great way to show your appreciation for the history of bacon. Fun fact, petaso was the word for bacon in the old Roman Empire. Who knew!?

Bacon Foods to Consume on International Bacon Day

When is National Bacon Day?

Friday, December 30th, 2022 is National Bacon Day. It is conveniently timed for you to load up on high caloric density meals right before you consume a Great Lake's amount of beer on New Years Eve the next night. Talk about carb loading ...

Past National Bacon Day Dates

Future National Bacon Day Dates

Ways to observe National Bacon Day

Some folks will say that you should sit down and watch Kevin Bacon movies. While we respect that sentiment, and, have observed such traditions in the past, we have some other bacon-related ideas for you regarding National Bacon Day. The list includes:

Bacon Foods to Consume on National Bacon Day

Full blown meals or appetizers, anything goes on Bacon Day, even if it's just a side of bacon. You'll also want to wash down the bacon with a few Puppers Beers.

How much bacon do Americans consume in a day?

According to SF Gate, Americans eat 18lbs of bacon per year. That works out to 0.05lbs per day, 0.8oz, or 22.6 grams. A strip of bacon weighs 12-14oz. So, Americans eat just under two strips of bacon per day?

That seems both way too much and way, way not enough. We need to do more research.