Dad Drops Baby to Catch Foul Ball While Holding His Beer.

Dad of the decade snares a blistering line drive and manages to retain both his baby and the cold glass of suds he was washing the game down with.

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Dad catches a fly ball while holding his beer and dropping his baby
Is he realllllly the best Dad?

Outstanding work, sir! You gotta check it out. This, this is a great baseball story.

Some kids dream about batting in the World Series when trailing by 3 runs in the bottom of the 9th with the bases loaded and a 3-2 count. In that dream, the kid hits the Grand Slam, winning the championship for the local city and being hailed a hero. Not this guy though.

The man in the Diamondbacks jersey in this video performs a Hall of Fame stab on a liner into the stands that was going to break the jaw of some poor soul behind him. It's the very reason more nets are being installed around MLB Ballparks in 2022.

What separates his Brooks Robinson gold glove effort is the fact that he's holding not only a frosty beer, but his little child as well. Hot corner legend, Wade Boggs, would be grandparent level proud of this guy's ability to catch and hold a beer at the same time.

Honorable Mentions: Men Catching Line Drives with Babies (No Beer)

With Madison Bumgarner on the mound for the hometown San Francisco Giants, Colorado's Troy Tulowitzki steps to the dish and rockets a drive out of Oracle Park in left center, some 400 feet away. Coming up from the outfield concourse is a SF Giants Hat wearing fella who casually barehands the dinger as he's passing on back to his seats.

Not to be outdone, Jayson Werth takes a Reds pitcher yard and the same thing happens further on in the second video above. In fact, it happens a couple more times off some foul balls. We'd say it's fine glove work, but it always seems to happen barehanded.

One thing we really applaud is the fact that almost no one looks like they juggle the ball. The baby, yeah, that happens a bit. But almost never the baseball itself.

These people deserve to have their own baseball cards printed up with the ol' baseball gum in them. They make plays on par with the David Tyree helmet catch back in the Super Bowl.

And this most recent gem ...