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Spicy Chipotle Candied Bacon

Not even lying. A few years back, I was at the Boston Bacon and Beer Festival at the House of Blues. The options were limitless. They had all types of gourmet candied bacon appetizers, various jars of bacon jam, even some uncured duck bacon. Seriously, uncured duck bacon. Most notable to me was the Chipotle Candied Bacon. What an event!

Bacon Recipes

Haters may hate, but I bring this spicy Chipotle Candied Bacon appetizer to every college football tailgate, Super Bowl party, and ski trip.

The Chipotle Candied Bacon had just the right amount of sweetness and spice. So, I set out to make it. After speaking with one of the vendors of the Bacon and Beer Festival, I realized that I could easily make my own spicy candied bacon.

The chipotle will give the bacon a nice, smoky heat, and the sugar really balances the spice. By the time you are done, your kitchen will smell like Patton rolling through Tunisia ... VICTORY!

If a man cooks bacon, what else is there?

Candied Bacon appetizer recipe

Ingredients to make a chipotle candied bacon appetizer
Bacon, brown sugar, and chipotle powder