How Many Professional Sports Teams Are In Chicago?

There are seven professional sports teams in Chicago, including the Cubs, White Sox, Bears, Blackhawks, Bulls, Sky and Fire. 19 championships have been won between the six teams, making Chicago a pretty decent sports city. On the flipside, the team with the most championships in professional sports, the New York Yankees has 8 more titles than the whole city. It's good to keep things in perspective.

Speaking of perspective, the count of 19 doesn't include the 8 football titles that the city won prior to the advent of the Super Bowl. So yes, it is good to keep perspective.

If you're going to watch the Super Bowl this year, maybe you want to play the Super Bowl drinking game ... maybe?

Chicago Cubs

Owners of 3 World Series titles, the Chicago Cubs infamously went years between victory laps. That said, they finally earned their hardware in 2016 by beating the Cleveland Indians. Perhaps Tito didn't hit The Tribe enough fungoes before the Series?

Chicago White Sox

Another Chicago team to suffer a long-standing drought in the all-important October Best of 7 match. The White Sox defeated the Houston Astros in 2005, just one year after the Red Sox, a pro team that does not end in "s", beat the St. Louis Cardinals to end their infamous title drought.

Chicago Bears

The Bears make it tricky. Modern day stats would have you believe that the Chicago Bears have only shuffled into the upper echelon of football teams just once in their existence, with the Bears mauling the Patriots in the 1986 Super Bowl.

Don't be fooled though. They won the league 8 times prior to the advent of "The Big Game".

Chicago Bears Team Colors

Chicago Blackhawks

Five Stanley Cup wins. That's is good enough to cover one of Chicago's hands. The Blackhawks defeated the Red Wings (twice), the Maple Leafs, the Flyers, and, most recently, the Bruins.

Two things come to mind. One, that makes more than one Chicago team to celebrate its last victory over a Boston team. And two, the Blackhawks ONLY punish Original 6 teams.

Wait ... umm ... the Flyers aren't Original 6 ... yeah ...

Chicago Bears

The Michael Jordan bulls won a six pack's worth of championships in the 1990s, beating the Lakers, Trail Blazers, Suns, Supersonics, and Jazz (twice). No one needs to remember that it might have been more if MJ didn't stop (perhaps forced?) to play baseball for a few years.

Chicago Fire

The Chicago Fire, one of sports more sensitive names, owns one title to their name. One is better than zero and that's good enough.

As for names, the Chicago Candied Bacon would have been a way cooler name.

Chicago Sky

The Chicago Sky won the WNBA Championship in 2021, which is pretty awesome. The Finals MVP Award went to Guard/Forward Kahleah Copper.

In Conclusion

To wrap it all up, those are your Chicago Pro Sports teams. Combined, they have won the same amount of titles as beers Wade Boggs drinks on the way to the airport.