How Many NFL Football Teams Are There?

There are 32 teams spread evenly across 8 divisions, 4 of which come from the AFC, and 4 of which come from the NFC. QB54 this is not. Though, it's a rad NFL tailgate game.

Check out the list of Super Bowl winners. Tied for the most league championships are the New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The New England Patriots hadn't won a Super Bowl just 25 years ago. Then they got the G.O.A.T. and everything changed.

Unlike Major League Baseball, there is no minor league system to draw players from. Instead, NFL teams hold a combine each year to evaluate the talent of incoming college football players from (mostly) Division 1 schools.

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NFL Teams FAQs

How many NFL teams are there?

There are 32 NFL teams.

What are the names of the two major conferences in the NFL?

The AFC and the NFC. They stand for American Football Conference and National Football Conference.