Play/drink responsibly. If that means using water, use water.

Play the Legendary Super Bowl Drinking Game at your Bengals vs Rams Super Bowl LVI Party

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Friends having a Super Bowl Party and playing the Super Bowl Drinking Game
Rookies, Veterans, Pro Bowlers and Hall of Famers alike.

Reminder: Play responsibly. If that means using water, use water.

The Super Bowl drinking game might be the most challenging of all drinking games - it's like a touchdown for your mouth.

It has an astounding amount of configurations to make it fun. Plus, it will help ease the pain of not winning your football pool because your squares are ridiculous numbers like 2 and 5, and, because it's Super Bowl Sunday, helps ease the Sunday Night blues.

As your drinking experience in the league increases (ok, the night), so too does the scope of your coverages and assignments. For example, a Veteran follows the rules that he or she was forced to play by as a Rookie, plus some new ones. A Pro Bowler follows Rookie and Veteran rules in addition to their own. A Hall of Famer plays (drinks) by all rules.

As for Tom Brady mode ... well, you aren't Tom Brady, so don't play by them. Seriously. They are hazardous to your health.

Let's get to it.

Rules of Play

Equipment Needed

House Rule

The Super Bowl drinking game starts long before the game's first kickoff. These rules remain in effect throughout the night and are to be played in addition to the rules designated by your status in the league (rookie, veteran, etc.).

Super Bowl LVI Teams

This year's Super Bowl will be played by the Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams, after defeating the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers respectively. As such, we have a few custom rules for this year's big game drinking party in addition to the standard rules.

Past Super Bowl winners.

Take one drink if:

We thing we can't ask you to drink for is every time they talk about how Joe Burrow is from Ohio. They're going to show tons of old clips and probably even have a reporter sitting at his house. That's like Tom Brady mode, it will cause pain and/or death.


As a rookie, you're just happy to be playing in the Super Bowl drinking game. You had a decent college career, which turned into a good draft slot, and that has translated into a spot on the 53-man drinking roster.

Here is your gameday drinking playbook. Prior to the start of the game, you select one of the two teams playing in the Super Bowl to be on and you follow their scoring. That's it.

Take One Drink


You're a seasoned vet with a solid drinking resume. The team isn't looking for Super Bowl heroics from you, but they do trust that you won't miss key blocking assignments. Your job is to contribute in all three phases of the game. Thus, your Super Bowl drinking game assignment is as follows. Like a rookie, you will also select one of the two real NFL teams playing in the game and follow the scoring. However, as a contributor on offense, defense, and special teams, you will be responsible for drinking on all points scored.

Take One Drink

Pro Bowler

Unlike rookies and no-name league veterans, fans around the world will remember your performance, for better or worse, in the Super Bowl drinking game. Expectations are running high based on your annual trips to Honolulu and your significantly oversized contract. You're a media darling, so you love the attention leading up to the game. Don't let it get to your head though. Snap on your helmet, put in your mouthguard, and grind out those yards (drinks), and just maybe you'll be hoisting the Lombardi trophy after the game.

A solid performance in the Super Bowl drinking game is the fastest way to the contract extension you've had your agent peacocking about. As we're sure you've heard, Lambos don't buy themselves.

Here's your drinking game playbook.

Take One Drink

Take Two Drinks

Take Three Drinks

Take Four Drinks

Finish Your Drink

Hall of Famer

Hall of Famers are the best of the best. Like Top Gun, there's no points for second best. Follow all of the rules of Pro Bowler, plus what's below.

Take One Drink

Take Two Drinks

Take Three Drinks

Take Four Drinks

Finish Your Drink


The rules of Waterfall for the Super Bowl Drinking game are simple. Everyone at your Super Bowl party selects one of the two teams to root for. The team of people that rooted for the team that actually lost the Super Bowl must perform a waterfall.

Super Bowl Squares Drinking Game

The game within the game. If you and your squad are feeling extra ambitious, you can set up a traditional Super Bowl square 10x10 block and pull names out of a hat to fill the squares. Take the scores at the end of each quarter and the person who "won" that quarter gets to assign a drink to someone else. To make it more interesting and add drama, you could have it be a penalty to have the correct numbers at the end of any given quarter.

Tom Brady Mode

Tom Brady has played in 18.86% of all Super Bowls ever played, as he has 10 appearances over 53 contests. However, he has miraculously only played in one Super Bowl, the last one with Tampa Bay, where the game's outcome wasn't decided until the 4th Quarter. Thus, the Tom Brady rule of the Super Bowl drinking game, also called the G.O.A.T. rule, is to count your drinks along the way and not drink them in real-time, thereby saving them all for the 4th quarter when your team (you) needs you the most.

This will surely lead to pain, hospitalization, or worse, so we advise you to never, ever play in Tom Brady mode. It's like the ultimate power hour. We're just highlighting it for the purpose of explaining the Super Bowl drinking game in its entirety.

Wrapping Up

You think you have what it takes to win The Big Game? No, not the actual Big Game. We're talking about being the Patrick Mahomes of The Ultimate Super Bowl drinking game. Why Mahomes? Because unless you played on "Tom Brady Mode", which you shouldn't, then you can't be Tom Brady.

When it comes to party ideas, this is the ultimate. It's way more fun than the actual football game itself. It's entertaining throughout the night. It's better than listening to the announcers (or at least makes that tolerable). It's there for you in ways that the commercial breaks haven't been for years. And, it helps insulate a tough loss if your favorite team makes a Super Bowl appearance and doesn't come away with the W.

Anyway, let's get this game trending!

Past 10 Super Bowl Drinking Games

Super Bowl LV Drinking Game | Bucs vs Chiefs (2021)

Was an absolute blast at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. So much more fun when Tom Brady is playing and it changes up the rules of the game. The 31-9 score with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beating the Kansas City Chiefs made for some wild drinking scenarios. It was hard to watch TB win while not on the New England Patriots, but such is life. Can't hate CBS for showing it, ya know?

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