In general, which factor is not critical when playing sports?

Is it ethics on the field? Maybe sportsmanship? What about attitude or wanting to win?

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A group of friends reassuring someone that it's best to stay positive when playing sports
Keep up the good work! asks the question and gives you the following choices. They list answer 3, or C on their quiz, "expecting to win every time" as the correct choice of what is not critical when playing sports. We are here to dispute that as the only answer.

Answers to the question

  1. following the rules
  2. being a team player
  3. expecting to win every time
  4. staying positive

Following the Rules

Is it really critical to playing sports? How often do we hear about players & teams cheating? Or, blurring the lines, as in the case of pitchers using tacky sunscreen to help them improve their spin rate.

Of the four answers, following the rules is probably the most critical to playing sports though.

Being a Team Player

Being a team player is critical to establishing great relationships with your teammates and coaches, but, we're here to say that it is absolutely not necessary to playing sports. Think about it ... the word "ballhog" didn't come from nowhere, and yet several of them become successful in the sport of their choice.

Expecting to Win Every Time

This is not critical in youth sports. is correct in this case. However, it might be critical when you get to the college or minor league level, to say nothing about Pro Sports. Do you think the Yankees, the team with the most championships in pro sports, doesn't expect to win every time?

Staying Positive

This might be the most obvious disagreement. We've seen plenty of people having a bad day go on to club a couple of doubles or grab a few interceptions. They may have become positive as a result, but they weren't positive getting there.