When Does the 2022-2023 NBA Season Start?

The 77th season of the National Basketball Association (NBA) began on October 18, 2022.

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NBA player, Magic Johnson dribbling by a defender on the court
Ok, so maybe this was a past NBA season ...

Basketball is arguably the best sport out there. You know, next to all of the others.

It has everything from high stakes and compelling rivalries to energizing athleticism and heart-pounding moments. And very soon, you will be able to experience all this and more once the NBA season begins.

With the 2022-23 NBA season starting on Tuesday, October 18th, and the NBA finals happening after April 2023, let's prepare you for the game schedule with all you need to know about the upcoming season. From new rivalries brewing to highly anticipated returns, we have all the information for you below.


The preseason is always a perfect way to kick things off as we finally get to see how the new NBA teams mesh together after the chaotic offseason and training camps. We get to see not just the new faces selected from the draft but also how trades and new additions fit into their new teams.

There is no better way to start the 2022 preseason than with the reigning champions, The Golden State Warriors. Steph and the Warriors will be battling against the Washington Wizards on Friday, September 30th, in Tokyo, Japan.


After all the injuries endured last season, the upcoming NBA season will bring many highly anticipated returns. The most notable returns are Damian Lillard, Kawhi Leonard, and Zion Williamson.

Although Damian Lillard has been dealing with an abdominal injury for the past few years, he has managed to help his team reach the playoffs with outstanding performances. But this past year, the discomfort was intolerable, and as a result, Dame missed most of the 2021–22 season.

After landing awkwardly on a drive in the 2021 playoffs, Kawhi Leonard suffered. But this season will most likely witness the return of the 2019 NBA champion since his rehabilitation has been going well.

Zion Williamson will also make his mark this season after suffering multiple injuries the past couple of years. He will prove why he was the number 1 pick of the 2019 draft and showcase his dominance again along with the Pelicans.

In addition, Jamal Murray, who has been out of action since, will make a comeback. On April 12th, 2021, Jamal suffered a left ACL tear while playing the Warriors. The NBA will benefit from all these returns, and the competition will undoubtedly heat up.

Premiere Week

For the premiere week of the 2022-23 NBA season, many NBA stars clash for supremacy. The first matchup will be on October 18th as the Philadelphia 76ers will battle against the Eastern Conference Champions, the Boston Celtics, at 7:30 PM EST.

We will also witness how the Lakers fare after a disappointing season as they take a shot at the 2022 Champions, the Golden State Warriors at 10 PM EST. Opening night only has two games, whereas October 19th will be more eventful as we see the teams compete. This includes the Heat, Knicks, Grizzlies, Timberwolves, and much more.

Any basketball fan has been waiting for the premiere week to begin and it is finally upon us. Basketball games on Christmas Day are another thing for fans to look forward to.

Christmas Day

Christmas Day will see some of the best teams in the NBA face off. The most anticipated game will be the new rivalry, which sparked during the 2022 playoffs, between the Golden State Warriors and the Memphis Grizzlies.

Ever since the playoffs, there has been constant bickering between Grizzlies player Ja Morant and Warriors player Draymond Green. They decided to settle their differences on the court on the biggest day of the regular season, Christmas Day. Trying to capitalize on this rivalry, NBA Commissioner, Adam Silver, ensured that the fans would get this matchup.

Another anticipated game will be a rematch of the Eastern Conference Semifinals, the Bucks vs. the Celtics. This could be the best game of the day as we see Giannis seek revenge for his exit from this past playoffs. Although the other matchups aren’t as highly anticipated, they will still be fun. Prepare for the Lakers vs. the Mavericks, the 76ers vs. the Knicks, and the Suns vs. the Nuggets.

All-Star Weekend

All-Star Weekend is one of the most fun weekends in sports. We see all the celebrities come out to see the best that the NBA has to offer, from rookies to superstars. This year's All-Star Weekend will be in Salt Lake City on February 19th, 2023.

We will see a star-studded celebrity game, a clash between rising stars, a hype-filled dunk contest (hopefully), and the best three-point shooters duke it out. Topping the weekend off with the best players the NBA has to offer guided by their respective team captains. This will be a weekend you can’t miss.

Which Teams To Look Out For

The NBA playoffs are what this is all about. This is the culmination of the entire season, where new rivalries will be born, new stars will rise, and new champions will be crowned. Numerous teams could make an impact this season, aside from the obvious teams like the Warriors, Bucks, Celtics, and whatnot. You should watch out for the following teams during the 2022–23 NBA season.

The Clippers

Many teams are looking to capture gold, starting with a possible championship contender, the Los Angeles Clippers. The Clippers have made a bolstering change to their roster with the Blazers trade this past season. And with the return of Kawhi Leonard, they could easily be a top seed going into the playoffs.

The Cavaliers

This past season, the Cavaliers were a much better team than anticipated, but with the offseason's upgrades, they can finally be a contender again. With Darius Garland and Donovan Mitchell, the Cavaliers now have a fantastic backcourt. They will undoubtedly cause a stir this upcoming season and might even make a run in the playoffs.

The Trailblazers

Unexpectedly, the Portland Trailblazers could be the dark horse in the playoffs. Over the past year, the Blazers have seen a lot of changes, from compiling a new coaching staff to seemingly a brand-new team. The Blazers could now be a force with the new additions of Jerami Grant, Gary Payton II, and the seventh pick in the 2022 NBA Draft in Shaedon Sharpe.

Not to mention that Anfernee Simons and Nassir Little may be emerging as new stars during this season. Additionally, as was already mentioned, Damian Lillard's comeback will surely be noticed as he continues to demonstrate why he is among the league's finest players.

The Suns

After a poor playoff run, the Suns have a lot to prove. They may have been the best team in the playoffs, but their exit in the second round was far from what was expected of them. The Suns will be driven to prove why they are title contenders, and keeping Deandre Ayton was an essential piece to ensure they exact their revenge.

The Pelicans

Another team that you ought to watch out for is the Pelicans. The Pelicans improved right away after adding CJ McCollum and Larry Nance Jr. to their roster. They demonstrated this after winning the Play-In Tournament and having an all-out battle against the Suns.

Even though they were eliminated in the first round, they put forth a valiant effort, and with Zion Williamson's return and the addition of the 8th pick in the 2022 NBA Draft, the sky's the limit.


The NBA is looking more powerful than ever and is especially having a resurgence as of late. This upcoming season might have the best basketball games we have ever witnessed and it will be a sight to behold. From first-time rookies to seasoned Hall of Fame legends, you don’t want to miss the upcoming NBA season.