Table Tennis

Table Tennis, or Ping Pong, is a two or four player paddle-based game that is typically played indoors. It's a smaller, less aerobic version of tennis, with demonstrably smaller equipment. It is one of the best paddle sports going. Sure, that's our opinion, but it's true.

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A person about to serve in a doubles Table Tennis match.
Two couples enjoying a game of Ping Pong

The Object of the Game

The rules of the game are as such. The goal is to get to 11 points before your opponent. You must win by two points. Players alternate serves after two consecutive services. Including the serve, the ball can only bounce on each player's side once before needing to be stuck back to the opponent.

Note, there are no volleys in ping pong. In that regard, it's even more strict than Pickleball's Kitchen Rules.

Equipment Needed

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