A baseball pitcher throwing the baseball toward home plate
Baseball. Totally a ball sport.

A List of Games & Sports That Use Balls

According to Merriam-Webster, a ball is, "a spherical or conical projectile". Sounds rugged. It's also one of the outcomes of a pitch in baseball, as in ball or strike.

In sports, a ball is generally caught, thrown, kicked, hit, headbutted, bumped, set, spiked, tossed, dunked, driven, dribbled, volleyed, lateraled, punted, served, broken, or bowled. Wow, that's a lot of ways to use a ball in a game.

There are many other ways that a ball comes into play in sports. There is a foul ball in baseball. There is an autographed ball, generally from professional to fan, hopefully a child. There is having a ball, like when you're mercy ruling the other team. There is Malcolm Butler intercepting the ball at the end of the game to win the Super Bowl.

And there's the riser, which is the sickest thing you can do with a ball in sports. A riser is a wiffleball pitch that rises up into the strike zone, defying gravity and cutting your lawn at the same time.


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